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Mames Babegenush with strings




Mames Babegenush is the East meeting the North. Strong Scandinavian roots merges with the vibrant dance music of Eastern Europe, from the ambience of Nordic pine trees to lively weddings in Romania the music of Mames Babegenush gives a sense of both melancholy and ecstatic joy. Formed in Copenhagen in 2004 the six-piece ensemble quickly dazzled audiences as well as critics with a fresh sound and musical gumption. The group spent years to perfect the styles of traditional Jewish and Eastern European folk music and have always insisted on leaving their personal mark in their music.

Live on stage, Mames Babegenush is a unique acquaintance, unfolding a thrilling and dynamic universe never seen or heard before. Throughout their career the group has played some of the most storied venues and festivals worldwide, ex: Carnegie Hall (US), Bergen International Festival (NO), The Royal Danish Theatre, Chicago World Music Festival (US), Roskilde Festival (DK) and Paradiso (NL).

5th album, Mames Babegenush With Strings, is out via German Galileo Music vinyl/CD/digital platforms.

Past performances include renowned artists such as Trentemøller (DK), David Krakauer (US), Gogol Bordello (US), SoCalled (CAN), The William Blakes (DK), Middle East Peace Orchestra (DK/GER/US/PSE/ISR), Hess Is More (DK), Gitta-Maria Sjöberg (SE), Eef van Breen Group (NL) and Kenneth Bager (DK).

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Andreas Møllerhøj: double bass // Lukas Rande: saxophones // Morten Ærø: drums // Nicolai Kornerup: accordion// Bo Rande: flügelhorn // Emil Goldschmidt: clarinet


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Mames Babegenush With Strings

Galileo Music. 2017  (Supported by KODA, DJBFA, DSK, DPA, DAF)


Mames Babegenush

Math Records. 2014


Klezmer Killed the Radio Star

Calibrated. 2009


Mames Babegenush: Tornado Albastru feat. LiveStrings at The Village Recording, November 2016

Mames Babegenush: Isortok Nights feat. LiveStrings at Husets Teater, November 2014 

Mames Babegenush: Fantasi for Trommer, Strygere & Harpe, November 2014

Mames Babegenush: Moldavian Trainspotting feat. LiveStrings at Husets Teater, November 2014 

Mames Babegenush: People From the Past, People From the Future (Trentemøller Remix), November 2014




Lukas Rande // Emil Goldschmidt




Marisa Segala / Second To The Left


North America

Justine Bayod Espoz / Torito Artists